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Our Accessibility

This is site meets Section 508 Accessibility Compliance Standards, WCAG Priority 1 Standards from the Web Accessibility Initiative of W3C, and reads well through a JAWS Screen Reader, Window-Eyes Screen Reader, and Lynx Viewer.

There is a accessibility menu at the top-right of each page; they are links 1, 2, 3, 4,5 and 6 in text view of the page. The first link “skip to content” skips the user to the main content of the page, as is suggested by the 508 and WCAG standards for quick information retrieval. The second link set, entitled “font-size”, has two letter “A”s of graduating sizes. These links increase the text size of the page in three increments of 20%, and 30% of the pages original font size. The third link is entitled “low-vision”. Activating this link changes to a white on maroon contrast mode, with larger text-sizes throughout. The fourth link entitled “text-only” simulates a text reader-type layout by shutting off the style sheets used to graphically design the site. The fifth and final link, entitled “original” returns the format of the site to it‘s original graphical version.

This site is rendered using WC3 Web Standards Compliant XHTML and uses embedded WC3 Web Standards Compliant CSS for layout and graphics, which may be easily overridden by preset user style sheets on any web browser.